Basic Information

You will meet our employee at the end of REDMAN AVE located at the end of the road behing the duck ponds at CAREY PARK,  in Hutchinson Kansas. From there, you will get into our vehicle, and be taken to your drop off location, where the staff will make sure you are good to go! (Large groups can split up car locations with us and follow to the drop off location as well. With these kayaks being "SIT-ON" kayaks PLEASE BRING SUNSCREEN, so you do not have a miserable next week or two and loose a few layers of skin due to forgetting something so vital to your good health. We have  2-4 Hour trips, and All-day trips available. You will be issued a life preserver and a paddle. PLEASE bring them back or we will have to charge you retail cost. Our Kayaks are RENTAL KAYAKS, and do not have power seats and tinted windows, which also means they may have some scrapes and scratches on the kayaks).  Our Tubes are the "Old School" Black semi-truck tire innertubes ( the way it was intended). If by chance you have a flat, our staff will bring you another, and will ask you to find a sandbar to explore in the meantime. All kayakers and tubers will have to sign our liability waiver AND our hold-harmless agreement before renting ANY equipment. Do NOT bring ANYTHING that you do not want soaking wet (unless you have waterproof containers) WE WOULD LOVE FOR YOR PHONE TO STAY DRY (so that you can give us a wonderful review. We discourage drinking heavily on your trip, because it's not only unlawful in the state of Kansas to steer a vessel and be intoxicated, but it will also hinder you taking in all of the beauty that the Arkansas River has to offer., so PLEASE drink RESPONSIBLY, We are here to be Safe and have Fun, so  PLEASE let us know if your alcohol and the sun have affected you poorly so that we can get you home safely. In case of any problems, our staff WILL COME YOU YOU!  This will be a wonderful, relaxing, fun and exciting experience for you, your friends, and loved ones, so PLEASE CALL NOW FOR RESERVATIONS.  All prices are Final and non-refundable which means No refunds, and in case of unforeseen circumstances, weather, or water conditions we will gladly reschedule your kayaking trip as our schedule allows. Come and Unplug with us !!!