Liability Waiver

Everyone must sign

A Hard Copy Liability Waiver will presented to you at the time of your rental. ANY and ALL persons renting equiptment from A Lazy River Adventure L.L.C will be required to fill the liability waiver out and sign it before any equiptment is rented. If at any time a renter has lost, does not return/ or steals any equiptment, their card will be ran for the whole ammount of the equiptment at local retail price on that day. We here at A Lazy River Adventure L.L.C recognise that accidents happen, and paddles go down stream ALL the time. These paddles are filled with foam, and should float, but we NEVER want to see someone get hurt. your life is NOT worth a paddle. we will work threw it. Please refrain from any illegal or immoral behavior while on the river, and we hope to see you out there soon!